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Repair for Renault Espace Remote Key Card Fix


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Repair for Renault Espace Remote Key Card Fix

Our wide of range of service start from;

  • Circuit board components replaced
  • Battery replacement for all fobs
  • Circuit board repaired
  • Circuit checked fully for any faults
  • Replacement of all other parts
  • All other damages repairable

Known key fob faults;

  • Cannot unlock/lock doors
  • Loose parts rattling inside the key
  • LED doesn’t flash when the buttons are pressed
  • Buttons stop working

These faults can develop from;

  • Wear and tear
  • Damage from kids, or pets
  • Low quality soldering
  • Broken/faulty switches

Our solutions include;

  • Reprogramming of chips
  • Checking/replacing batteries
  • Replacement keys made (where applicable)
  • Replacement buttons
  • Repair faults and re-seal the Key Fob

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