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Warning Lights

My Instrument Cluster Flashes Like A Christmas Tree!

The festive season has long since gone, but is the flashing of your dash making it feel like it's Christmas every day? When excessive warning lights are flashing you can never truly be sure if the warnings are legitimate or if it's actually a fault with the lights themselves. Here we take a look through some [...]
mercedes benz steering lock esl repair

The steering lock and how it works on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Like many people, you may remember a time when using a steering lock meant dragging the mechanical grey and yellow lock bar from the foot well of the passenger's seat, and physically attaching it to the steering wheel once you'd parked up, still expecting that the car would probably end up getting stolen. Understanding the [...]
Truck Road

Wabco, Knorr Bremse, Haldex… we have valves for all commercial vehicles

If you drive a truck for a living, you’ll be familiar with air valves in your commercial vehicle. They are responsible for controlling the heavy duty braking and suspension systems needed for larger vehicles. Here we explore their role in the smooth operation of your vehicle, the common faults that you may experience, and how […]