3 Top Signs You Need Key Fob Battery Replacement

Key fobs are incredible pieces of technology that increase the convenience of a modern car. Over the years, key fobs have become such a common piece of convenience that people typically find them so easy to take for granted. As simple as their mechanism may seem on the outside, key fobs also require maintenance—and this can be as easy as replacing the fob’s battery. Most fobs require battery replacement every three to four years, depending on the battery’s capacity and your amount of use. This said, there may be times when you need a complete car key fob replacement, such as when losing your keys or perhaps when experiencing technical problems and inconsistencies. Most of the time, however, a failing key fob battery is the culprit for these common issues. Just the same, knowing where to turn to when you need Citroen key fob replacement is important so you won’t be stuck without any hope for help when a malfunctioning key fob strikes.

Autotronics lists down common signs to watch out for to know when you need a car key fob replacement or when you need to have your unit’s battery replaced. Their technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable in diagnosing problems with your key fob unit and recommending the right solution to get your system back up. Here are some common signs you need new fob batteries or a new key fob altogether:



  1. Shorter signal range. If you notice a decrease in your key fob’s signal range, it may well be that its batteries are starved for juice. When your fob isn’t getting enough power, this will affect the unit’s working range.
  2. Inconsistencies. When clicks are inconsistent or when you have to press your fob’s buttons multiple times to get it functioning, it’s either your batteries need replacing or your vehicle is having a difficult time accepting a signal from the fob. Seek battery replacement when experiencing inconsistencies in the way that your key fob functions.
  3. Unlocking delays. A one or several-seconds delay before your car unlocks after having pressed your fob button may also be an indication of failing fob batteries.

Even when your key fob appears fine and working as it should, looking for these irregularities can help you determine when your batteries are on their final legs or when your unit needs checking for more serious technical issues. Either way, bringing your key fob in the care of Autotronics technicians will ensure proper diagnosis and repair of its problem.

Checking your key fob for these symptoms will help you pinpoint the problem before it gets worse. One way to diagnose these problems is by trying to use a backup remotely to compare the fob’s performance. If your extra key fob functions as normal and significantly better than your everyday key fob, it is high time to take your unit in for repair or battery replacement so you can keep your backup key in handy should emergency strike and prevent being stuck in a situation when you are locked out of your vehicle.