ABS Control Module

5 Signs of A Failing ABS Control Module

The ABS or anti-lock braking system is one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle, as it prevents the wheels from locking while the car is in motion. It plays a critical role in preventing accidents when you suddenly hit the brakes in an emergency situation. It works by sustaining the traction in the wheels when you apply the brakes. It’s very important to consider ABS pump repair or EBCM repair to avoid reducing your engine’s efficiency and performance. Here are the top five symptoms that indicate a problem with your ABS control module:

  1. It is harder to break

    One of the most common signs that your car needs ABS pump repair is if you find yourself needing to apply more force when braking. This could indicate an ABS system failure. Get this fixed as soon as you can to avoid accidents and to minimize damage to the rest of the braking system.
  2. The brake pedal has become non-responsive

    In the case of an ABS or ECBM module, the brake pedal may not be responsive and unable to put your vehicle to a complete stop. The brake pedal will initially become more difficult to press, and it will eventually become unresponsive. Be sure to look out for this sign to avoid a complete ABS system failure.
  3. Your brakes are locking

    The ABS control module should prevent the wheels from locking. If it goes bad, it will not be effective in doing its job. So, if you find that the wheels are locking, you may need to consider EBCM repair. Leaving the problem could cause a lot of issues with your safety on the road.
  4. The ABS light has activated

    Sometimes, you only need to look at the ABS light to know that there is a problem. It is usually amber in colour. An older vehicle might not have this feature and will use the ‘Check Engine’ light instead.
  5. The speedometer has failed

    Although rare, ABS failure could also affect the speedometer. When this happens, it usually indicates extreme damage to the module. Be sure to bring your car for EBCM repair immediately.

 Did you notice any of these symptoms on your vehicle? If so, go to Autotronics for dependable ABS pump repair and other related services. We will get your faulty ABS control module fixed and get you back safely on the road.