Instrument Cluster Repair

The Benefits of Having Professional Instrument Cluster Repair

Cars are complex pieces of machine with lots of moving parts and complicated components. It is your responsibility as a car owner to know how to keep up with its maintenance as well as its overall health. Your vehicle’s instrument cluster plays an important role in keeping your machine in good condition as it tells […]

Car Key Fob Replacement

All You Need to Know About Key Fob Replacement

If you’ve ever been locked out of your vehicle, keys inside or perhaps lost somewhere and you have no spare on hand, you’ll understand just how stressful and frustrating the predicament can be—and you’ll know better to keep a car key fob replacement handy for when something similar happens in the future. While you wouldn’t […]

Mercedes instrument cluster

What it Means if Your Mercedes Instruments Fail

If there’s one car brand that’s a complete package of quality, durability, and prestige, it would be Mercedes-Benz. Many car owners see Mercedes-Benz vehicles as some of the best in the market, with models reflecting high-end designs and addressing modern-day concerns over issues like fuel-efficiency and ride comfort. Mercedes cars are equal parts status symbols […]

Car Key

How to Reduce Key Fob Replacement Cost

Modern cars come with remote transponder keys (key fobs) that add great convenience to a car owner’s experience. Losing your key fob or damaging your transponder key in any way can be a huge hassle— especially when you’ve gotten to be dependent on its convenience features. Key fobs make locking and unlocking car doors seamless […]

Bosch ABS Pump

ABS pumps: How they work and what to do if they become faulty

We’ve all been there: you’re driving along, and as you brake, you feel the brake pedal pulsing rapidly under your foot. This isn’t your imagination, this is your ABS pump and valve system engaging to stop the wheels from locking, preventing your car from skidding. What is ABS? As car enthusiasts among you will know, […]

ECU Tuning Service

Improve your driving experience with our ECU tuning service

In this increasingly digital age the computer chip is king. For those of you who’ve read our previous posts on the various functions of the ECU, you’ll know the important role it plays in the operation of the modern motor vehicle. From controlling ABS, to turbo boosters and central locking, the ECU is the heart […]

Water Damaged Remote Key Fob

Water Damaged Remote Keys And Fobs: Scrap Or Revive?

The labour-saving gadgets that we love are increasingly electronic in nature, but with us, the user, in the driving seat, there’s always a fair chance for catastrophe. Who amongst us has not dropped a mobile phone in the toilet, or spilt a glass of wine over the TV remote? As technology continues to advance, things […]

Kia Proceed

Hella turbo actuators: loss of pressure, limp mode and other issues

We’ve all felt the frustration of a turbo that doesn’t pack a punch any more. Whether it’s a loss of acceleration, those concerning engine sounds that indicate that the pressure could actually be building up to dangerous levels, or the possible electronic faults associated with turbos. Here we take a look at Hella turbo actuators and how […]

Warning Lights

My Instrument Cluster Flashes Like A Christmas Tree!

The festive season has long since gone, but is the flashing of your dash making it feel like it's Christmas every day? When excessive warning lights are flashing you can never truly be sure if the warnings are legitimate or if it's actually a fault with the lights themselves. Here we take a look through some [...]
mercedes benz steering lock esl repair

The steering lock and how it works on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Like many people, you may remember a time when using a steering lock meant dragging the mechanical grey and yellow lock bar from the foot well of the passenger's seat, and physically attaching it to the steering wheel once you'd parked up, still expecting that the car would probably end up getting stolen. Understanding the [...]