Car Key Fob Replacement

Car Remote Not Working? 5 Ways to Accurately Diagnose Your Vehicle

Car key fobs or remotes have come to be essential accessories that make the lives of car owners and drivers a lot more convenient. Apart from allowing keyless entrance to vehicles, they also offer the added benefit of enhanced automotive security, providing controls for a car’s alarm system and other car mechanisms. As much convenience as a car remote offers, though, it can also mean a huge inconvenience once it begins malfunctioning. A faulty key fob prevents you from interacting with your vehicle remotely. It also limits and/or disables safety functions that the fob controls. When this happens, you need immediate car key fob replacement or repair to restore such conveniences and functions. 

Diagnosing the need for remote key fob repair is as easy as observing its daily functions and use. You don’t necessarily have to tear into your device in order to know when it needs repair or replacement.

  1. If you are observing inconsistencies with your key fob’s functions, the problem could be as simple as weak batteries, or perhaps something more complex, such as damaged wiring or internal connections. If you are having to press buttons multiple times for a command to take or if controls don’t seem to work unless you’re within close proximity of your vehicle, check your batteries. If the problem persists after changing the fob’s batteries, it’s high time to consider remote key fob repair.
  2. Another way to diagnose a weak battery or perhaps faulty internal connections is testing with your spare key fob. 
  3. Car remotes suffer a lot of handling abuse, which is why it is not uncommon for them to get damaged. Rattling inside your key fob could mean broken internal pieces or perhaps faulty internal connections.
  4. An unresponsive car remote is an obvious sign of a problem. You may likewise use your spare key to rule out any problem with the remote receiver. If functions work fine with your spare key fob, a car key fob replacement is in order.
  5. Perhaps you have purchased an aftermarket key fob or are using your spare remote for the first time. Make sure to get it programmed to your vehicle before spending on a replacement or repair. Car remotes have to be programmed to a specific vehicle to ensure security.

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