ECU Tuning

Thank you for choosing our professional ECU tuning service.

ECU tuning, also known as ECU programming or ECU remapping, will free your car from the restrictions that the manufacturer must apply on standardised ECU maps. That’s because when a vehicle manufacturer programmes the mass production of a new model it must cope with many different environments, legislations, fuel qualities, service inspections, road conditions, etc. Luckily, most of the countries have much better conditions than the ones assumed by the maker. So, there is plenty of room for engine performance improvement by tweaking the ECU map.

ECU remapping will take your vehicle’s performance to its optimum level, surpassing the manufacturer comprises. To achieve this, we extract the ECU map information, recalibrate it in our high-tech lab and reload it again to the ECU. By doing this, your engine efficiency, drivability and overall performance will be automatically improved.

Apart from the common ECU restrictions applied by global manufacturer, in recent times carmakers have found another marketing reason to “detune” their vehicles. Let’s take a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TFSI as an example. This VW offers four different power options, ranging from 200 to 240 HP. But from a marketing and cost-cutting point of view, the company might as well use exactly the same engine and hardware configurations and detune the ECU by loading different maps into then in the factory. This way, the company can benefit from scale economies while also offering an adaptive price policy. In this case, that is becoming common practise now, we can upgrade the vehicle power horse and get the customer directly into the top performance range level.

Our highly-skilled engineering team, combined with the most up-to-date equipment, guarantees the best results for your Engine Control Unit. After your ECU has been remapped by ourselves, you will enjoy a smoother and funnier drive, faster acceleration and overtaking, higher power and torque figures, lower fuel consumption, or a combination of all.

There are many factors to take into account when remapping a vehicle’s ECU, so in order to keep your vehicle within the original manufacturer’s safety margins we would recommend you to select your ECU tuning company very carefully. Choosing the wrong partner for this mission can be very dangerous and can result in catastrophic consequences for your own safety and for your pocket.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the vehicle business, Autotronics is the preferred ECU tuning provider.

We offer both OBD and chip tuning solutions. So, no matter if you are local to us or not, we will improve your engine’s performance in every possible way. If your vehicle supports OBD tuning and you want to visit us, we can upload the ECU map data via OBD port directly into your vehicle. But if you are not local to us or if your ECU is protected, you can always send us your ECU and we will have it reprogrammed on the bench.

To start your ECU remapping procedure just select your vehicle type from the list above.