Honda airbag module crash data reset

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Honda Airbag Module Crash Data Reset 


Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? Need an Airbag Module Reset? You’ve just reached the right place; simply hire our professional repair service and we will help you with your airbag problem at a very competitive price.

Has your airbag been deployed? Does your airbag light stay on? Do you need your airbag module to be reset?

If so your dealer will tell you that you will require a new airbag module at a crazy price. In contrast, we at Autotronics can help you not only with your airbag problem but also to save money too.

Our high-end equipment includes sophisticated diagnostic computers to assist us, providing a quick and efficient solution to every possible airbag issue.

So if you want to save time, money and hassles, buy this service today!

Some answered questions:

  • What do we do? We can reset your airbag module and remove the crash data from it. Once we finish resetting the airbag module, it will be like new and your airbag light will go out. The work we carry out on your airbag module is completely safe.
  • How long does it take? Once we receive your airbag module we can carry out the work in 24 to 48 hours.
  • How will we send the module back to you? We use only tracked delivery for our parcels, using next-day courier delivery in the UK and Royal Mail services for our international customers. Alternatively, if you are local to us (we are based in Leicester, East Midlands) you can pick the module up from our retail shop.
  • Where is the airbag module in my car? The module is usually located in the centre console near the gear lever or the handbrake. If you can’t find it please give us a call on 0116 276 7054.

If you have any further questions please feel free to chat with us on our website, call us on 0116 276 7054 or email us at Our experienced engineers will be delighted to assist you and solve all your queries.

We can assist with deployed airbags, faulty airbag lights, etc. for a variety of Honda models, including the following:

  • Honda - 77960-S04-N91-M2
  • Honda - 77960-S04-N93-M2
  • Honda - 77960-S0X-L813-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S2H-G010-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S84-A74-M2
  • Honda - 77960-S84-A81
  • Honda - 77960-S9A-A220-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S9A-A222-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S9A-Y414-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S9A-Y814-M1
  • Honda - 77960-S9V-A012-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-A813-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-A814-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-A815-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-A820-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C013-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C024-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C043-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C114-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C132-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C133-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C211-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDA-C311-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-A821-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-C020-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-C021-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-C032-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-C211-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SDN-C311-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SFJ-W710-M2
  • Honda - 77960-SHJ-A017-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SNB-T021-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SVA-A220-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SVA-A221-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SWA-A213-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SWA-G212-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SWA-G213-M1
  • Honda - 77960-SWA-Y811-M1
  • Honda - NEC - 77960-S04-G81 - Version 1
  • Honda - NEC - 77960-S04-G81 - Version 2
  • Honda - NEC - 77960-S30-G81
  • Honda Accord - 77960-SEA-G816-M1
  • Honda Accord - 77960-SEA-J410-M2
  • Honda Accord - 77960-SN7-H91 Siemens 5WK4135
  • Honda Accord - 77960-SV4-A95-M2
  • Honda Accord - Denso - 77960-SDA-A620-M2
  • Honda Accord - Denso - 77960-SDA-A720-M2
  • Honda Accord - NEC - 77960-SN7-G81
  • Honda Accord - TRW - 77960-SDN-A820-M1
  • Honda Accord - TRW - 77960-SEA-G817-M1
  • Honda Accord - TRW - 77960-SEA-G820-M1
  • Honda Accord - TRW - 77960-SEA-G821-M1
  • Honda Accord - TRW - 77960-SEF-G821-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SMG-E013-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SMG-G021-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SNA-A216-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SNA-A219-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SNB-G215-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SNB-T015-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SQ2-G81-M1
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SR3-L81 NEC
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-ST3-E83 Siemens 5WK4136
  • Honda Civic - TRW - 77960-SVA-A211-M1
  • Honda Civic TRW - 77960-SMR-G011-M1
  • Honda CRV - 77960-S04-G91-M1
  • Honda CRV - 77960-S10-A92
  • Honda CRV - NEC - 77960-S10-G92
  • Honda CRV - NEC - 77960-S30-G81
  • Honda CRX - NEC - 77960-S10-G81 - Version 1
  • Honda CRX - NEC - 77960-S10-G81 - Version 2
  • Honda Shuttle - TRW - 77960-SX0-A82-X

If you don’t see your car model listed don’t worry because we may still be able to assist you. Please contact us.

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Airbag Crash Reset

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For customers based outside the European Union:

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We will provide a quick, easy and cost-effective shipping solution, in partnership with DHL. They will collect the item/s from your address and will deliver them back to you once repaired.

With this service, we will take care of all the paperwork so that you can be sure that your parcel clears UK customs without any tax or duty to pay.



The prices shown are subject to variation depending on the works carried out and/or any replacement part needed to repair the item.

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