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How Do Airbags Work Safely?

Explosions are never a good thing—except for when it’s from a deploying airbag. Every day, airbag explosions help save people’s lives. These carefully controlled blasts fire an air-filled bag from out the dashboard, effectively cushioning impact from an accident and reducing potential damage to the body. Airbags are incredibly simple and amazingly clever pieces of technology, but they are not immune to damage. This is why it pays to get it serviced when you suspect an issue. The cost of an airbag repair or an airbag reset service is a small price to pay for the safety that these devices bring in case of emergencies.

The Damage Potential of a Car Crash

When a car crash happens, all the energy built up by your speeding vehicle needs to go somewhere. This poses a significant risk not only to your car but to you as a driver and your passengers. Even though cars are designed to absorb impact, a sudden halt brought about by a crash can still be damaging, especially to the people inside the crashing vehicle. Airbags are designed to carefully stop the force and movement of the body following a sudden crash and at the same time absorb impact, therefore reducing the potential damage that the collision can have to the body. While seatbelts are also useful in stopping the same force, their restraint is limited to the body, which means that the head remains at risk of lunging forward to your dashboard, steering wheel, or through the windscreen. This is where airbags come in.

How Airbags Increase Safety and Reduce Damage

Airbags are technically referred to as supplementary restraint systems or additional inflatable restraints. They are, for the most part, designed to restrain movement. They are complementary tools that add safety to traditional seatbelts. They help increase your vehicle’s safety in a car crash by inflating as soon as the car (suddenly) slows down and deflating as your head and body presses against the bag. This deflation protects the head from bouncing back off of the bag and potentially causing injury.


Airbags can likewise be prematurely deployed when enough force is generated, triggering its sensors to engage the safety feature even when there’s no real danger. When this happens, you will need to have your airbag ECU reset or perhaps also get an airbag repair in case the module was damaged from the premature deployment. Autotronics offers airbag reset service and airbag repair for clients in need.