How Does Remote Key Fob Work

How does my remote key fob work?

There are many things in life that we constantly do without knowing exactly how they really work. Locking and unlocking your car with your remote key falls into this category of seemingly inexplicable things.

The remote keys were introduced in vehicles in the 1980s and have been a staple of modern automotive security and comfort for the last three decades.

The way your remote key fob is both clever and pretty simple at the same time. The keyless remote have a radio transmitter that sends a unique coded signal whenever a button is pushed. This signal is received by radio waves to a unit inside the car, which is in charge of locking and unlocking the car doors. In order to avoid signal interceptions, modern keyless systems include encryption protocols.

The basic functions that all remote keys have are locking and unlocking the vehicle doors. Some other remotes also include the following additional functions: boot opening, power sliding doors locking/unlocking, convertible tops raising/lowering, keyless ignition starting and panic button to trigger the car alarm.

If you feel that your remote key fob is working intermittently or not communicating to your car at all when trying to lock or unlock the doors, the cheapest and more reliable alternative is to send it to us so that one of our highly-skilled engineers can take a look at it and have it repaired and tested. Once repaired, you will receive your car remote back at home via express delivery.

Our engineers are open to discuss any possible fault on your remote with you. Simple give us a call at 0116 276 7054 or email us at [email protected].