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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hella Turbo Actuator Repair (Garrett Turbo)

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hella Turbo Actuator Repair (Garrett Turbo)

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hella Turbo Actuator Repair (Garrett Turbo)


It's well known that electronic turbo actuators help to hugely improve the efficiency of the turbocharger. Compared to their pneumatic counterparts, the actuation time is reduced by up to 30%, and that's one of their main advantages. But, as any electronic component in your Jeep, the electronic turbo actuator is also prone to faults.

At Autotronics we can repair your Jeep Grand Cherokee turbo actuator, with a guaranteed service. Thanks to our advanced testing and repairing equipment, and our vast knowledge of the vehicle electronics business, you can be confident that we are the best alternative for repairing your faulty turbo actuator.

The most common symptom that could point to a turbo actuator failure is the loss of power, either permanent or intermittent. If you are experiencing a permanent loss of power, the most probable cause would be a fault in any of the actuator's internal components. By contrast, if the fault is intermittent the most plausible cause for that would be turbocharger issue, which would make the vehicle to be put into limp mode to avoid any further damage to the engine, although this would have to be confirmed.

If you are having problems with your Jeep Grand Cherokee wastegate actuator, send it to Autotronics. Our highly-skilled engineers will test it, identify the source of the problem, fix it and test it again before sending it back to you.

The quickest way to check if the issue you are having is related to a faulty turbo actuator is by plugging a diagnostics machine into the vehicle to get the actual fault codes. If the fault codes point to a turbo actuator failure, contact Autotronics for help.

Another simple test you can do to check if the turbo actuator is working fine is to verify that the actuator's arm is moving fine to close the VNT (variable-geometry turbocharger) while revving up the engine. If the arm is not moving, then there is a problem either in the VNT mechanism or in the electronic turbo actuator. You can rule out a VNT or nozzle ring failure if you can easily move the actuator's arm over the whole operating range by hand, without sticking.

Apart from a quality and guaranteed service, having your item repaired by us will help you save up to 80% compared to the main dealership's alternative. Their alternative will 99% of the cases consist in replacing the whole set of turbocharger and turbo actuator, at an exorbitant price.

So, for a quality repair service of your turbo actuator, trust Autotronics.

Service Information

Repair Service:
Turbo Actuator

Make and Model

Grand Cherokee

This product relates to the following part numbers:

  • G219 / G-219
  • G277 / G-277
  • G88 / G-88
  • H20 / H-20
  • H34HT / H-34HT
  • H37HT / H-37HT
  • H48 / H-48
  • 712120
  • 730314
  • 742730
  • 25086L2
  • 6NW008412
  • 6NW009228
  • 6NW009420


  1. Buy this repair service and send us your item/s.
  2. We will repair them in 2 to 3 working days.
  3. We will send the item/s back to you fully repaired.



For customers based in United Kingdom and European Union:

Please send us your item/s with the repair order you'll get at the end of the checkout process to:

223 Belgrave Gate
United Kingdom

Recorded or special delivery recommended.
Once repaired, we will send the item/s back to you via tracked courier delivery.

For customers based outside the European Union:

Print your repair order but please do not send your item/s to us until you have been contacted by one of our customer service advisors; due to timezone differences this may be the next working day.

We will provide a quick, easy and cost-effective shipping solution, in partnership with DHL. They will collect the item/s from your address and will deliver them back to you once repaired.

With this service, we will take care of all the paperwork so that you can be sure that your parcel clears UK customs without any tax or duty to pay.



The prices shown are subject to variation depending on the works carried out and/or any replacement part needed to repair the item.

We will always contact you in such cases to give you a quotation, seek your explicit consent to proceed with the repair and ask you for any additional payment required.

For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this service. We will get back to you shortly.

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