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Alfa Romeo ABS Pump / EBCM Module Repair

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Alfa Romeo ABS Pump / EBCM Module Repair

If the ABS light is illuminated in your Alfa Romeo car, it indicates there are problems with the anti-lock braking system. There can be various causes that result in a fault, from a broken control unit to a broken ABS sensor. Autotronics provides an ABS unit remanufacture service, saving the need for costly repairs.

What is an ABS-system?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) in your Alfa Romeo ensures that the brakes do not lock up during braking. This electronic system ensures that braking is applied in a pumping manner, preventing the wheels from locking. An ABS module in your Alfa Romeo consists of various components, including a hydraulic pump, sensors, electronic control unit (ECU), and pump motor. ABS ECUs in Alfa Romeos can be categorized into two groups – those with a conventional printed circuit board (PCB) and those with a hybrid PCB.

Remanufacture of an ABS pump and other components

If you require an ABS pump or pressure sensor repair for your Alfa Romeo, we recommend the entire ABS unit is remanufactured, and not just certain parts. Experience has shown us that often components on the hybrid control unit (HCU) and the pump motors can also become defective. Therefore, at Autotronics, we provide a comprehensive remanufacture of the entire ABS unit in your Alfa Romeo.

Testing and repair of the ABS-modules

Autotronics has developed its own test setup to test ABS units in your Alfa Romeo. The Vision 6 test platform is used for unit testing and can fully simulate the operation in your Alfa Romeo. In case of defects, we do not opt for temporary solutions like connecting or gluing. Instead, we carry out a more durable solution when remanufacturing an ABS unit, ensuring that the remanufactured product in your Alfa Romeo performs just as well as an original one.

ABS unit remanufactured by Autotronics At Autotronics,

At Autotronics, we offer an ABS unit remanufacture service for Alfa Romeo models. You can arrange this service via our website. We have an extensive range of ABS unit models for Alfa Romeo vehicles,. We have an extensive range of ABS unit models from reputable brands such as ATE MK60 Hydraulic unit, ATE MK70, and ATE MK20. If you can’t find the specific product you need to be remanufactured on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

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