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You can rely on us for a fast, affordable, and reliable Audi key fob replacement repair service. Autoronics knows Audi electronics all around, and our years of experience, technical expertise, and cutting-edge equipment make us capable of diagnosing and correctly repairing any issue on key fobs for all the models of the Audi car. 

Your car’s keyfob might now work property if it has experienced a strong impact, or its internal wiring has been damaged due to regular wear and tear. A weak or dead battery might also be the reason with malfunctioning key fobs, but in most cases, the problems lie within the remote. Our technicians will check the issues thoroughly and reprogram the key fob to make it work securely with your vehicle. 

Call us at (0044) 0116 276 7054, so we can assist you. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.