Immobiliser Remove

Thank you for choosing our professional immobiliser remove service.

If you are experiencing immobiliser problems, whatever the symptoms or causes, we can help by removing the immobiliser function from your vehicle.

Most common faults on immobilizers arise from key fobs that have lost their coding or their transponder chips, defective sensors or actuators, corroded wirings and damaged receiver rings. We have also seen faulty ECUs and BSI units affecting the immobiliser performance.

In any case, after removing the immobiliser function from your vehicle it will no longer need a coded key for starting. When you receive your ECU back there is no coding needed, it's all as easy as plug and play!

To proceed with your immobilizer remove service, simply select the make of your vehicle from the list below, clicking on the corresponding badge. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find your repair service, as we may still be able to assist you.