Ferrari Instrument Cluster Repair Specialists

The premium (and not-so-premium) instrument cluster repair specialists

The premium (and not-so-premium) instrument cluster repair specialists

Lately we have been establishing ourselves as one of the worldwide references in premium cars instrument cluster repair services.

As such, we have recently refurbished instrument clusters for some of the most luxurious car manufacturers in the world. As an example, we have received several Ferrari speedometers from all around the world in recent times and, as always, we have successfully repaired them, helping our happy customers save time, money and all the hassle related to taking the matter to the dealer.

So, if you are the proud owner of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Maserati, a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, a Porsche, etc. do not hesitate to contact one of our engineers in case you are experiencing instrument cluster problems. Some of the most commons faults that can be found on these premium cars’ clusters are: faulty fuel or speed gauges, dimmed back light, no back light at all, pixelated LCD display, tachometer failures, etc.

Also, lately we have also received at our premises some classic cars’ instrument clusters. We pride ourselves of being one of the major specialists in speedometer repairs, which means that no matter how old (or classic) your vehicle is, here at Autotronics we will have it repaired with a quick and professional service.

Our repair services cover every make and model in the market, so if you are the proud owner of any other utility car, SUV, van, truck or motorcycle, you may also want to contact us in regards to your speedometer failure. Or search on our website for your specific vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding this repair service, please call us at 0116 276 7054 or email us at Our engineers will be happy to speak to you and solve all your technical questions.