Instrument Cluster Repair Service

What are the most common issues with instrument clusters?

We pride ourselves to have sorted out instrument cluster problems for hundreds of happy customers. In this post, we would like to share some of the most common issues our clients were experiencing before sending their speedometers to us. And how we managed to solve them.

One common issue, probably the most common one in fact, relates to the fuel and/or temperature gauges. When these gauges, or any other gauge, start to play up, either being too high or too low, the best thing to do is to send the dashboard to us so that our engineers can properly check it and repair it.

Another common problem with instrument clusters is the one related to backlight failure, being it intermittent or constant. If your dashboard is completely dead, with no backlight on it, our engineers can try to repair it or alternatively change the LCD display for another working one.

Also associated with LCD displays, we have received many clusters with pixelated and fading displays, as well as screens with dead pixels on them. At Autotronics, we can fix all these problems by replacing and testing your existing display, for a fraction of the dealership cost.

Our customers have saved tons of money by choosing our repair service over the dealers’ alternative, which in all cases was to replace the whole cluster with a new unit. They have saved some precious time too, as the waiting time for a dealer to receive the ordered items from the factory are usually in the order of around one month.

If you are also experiencing problems with your instrument cluster and need a professional and cost-effective repair service, don’t think twice and order our service online. You won’t be disappointed.