What Causes Instrument Cluster Failure?

Your vehicle’s instrument cluster refers to the collection of dials, gauges, and indicator lights located on your dashboard or right above your steering wheel. Its primary purpose is to tell the driver what’s going on in the vehicle. While these panels are built to last the lifetime of a car, they are not immune to issues and problems that warrant instrument cluster repair. Problems with your instrument cluster can range from mild annoyances like the engine light refusing to turn off to minor inconveniences like the gas gauge failing to register or perhaps outright dangerous occurrences like the oil indicator breaking down and refusing to work. In any case, you want an instrument panel repair performed on your vehicle as a malfunctioning cluster makes it more challenging to assess the condition of your car and ensure your safety while driving.

Instrument Cluster Failure Causes

Some of the most common causes and indications of instrument cluster failure include but are not limited to the following:

· Erratic gauges
· Non-functioning dials
· Inaccurate panel readings
· Malfunctioning LCD display
· Fluttering or stuck gauge needles
· Burned out or fluctuating indicator lights
· Burned out or darkened spot backlighting
· Erratic operation

How to Fix a Failed or Failing Instrument Cluster

Rarely can you do instrument cluster repair yourself and you shouldn’t attempt to fix it if you are not confident with your knowledge and skills of repair and if you don’t have the right tools. Leave your car’s instrument panel repair to professionals who know exactly how to diagnose the problem and apply the correct maintenance without causing further damage to your vehicle. Cluster repairs require specialized knowledge, parts, and tools to get the instrument panel working correctly. Because things can get very technical with these types of repairs, they are best left to skilled professionals who know how to handle small parts, electronic components, and sophisticated motors.

Old instrument clusters from the not so distant past are very different from newer panels in modern cars. For instance, speedometers typically run by a speedometer cable, while many other components are hardwired into the system and are predominantly mechanical. While modern instrument panels may look similar to old clusters, none of their parts are quite the same or work the same because panels nowadays are electronic in design. This is also why they cannot as quickly be repaired on your own. For the most part, modern instrument panels are connected to all kinds of sensors throughout the vehicle, which allows their gauges to provide accurate readings on the vehicle’s condition. These sensors generate signals that are sent to the car’s computer system, which analyzes this information and translates them into readable statistics that can then be read from the instrument panel. When one or several components of such a system breaks down, it can be challenging to pinpoint the problem and in turn fix the issue without the help of a knowledgeable technician.

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