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Immobiliser Repair

Please note - this is not a product but an immobiliser repair service that we are offering for all makes and models of car.

Suspect you may have immobiliser problems or an immobiliser fault of some kind? There are many things that can go wrong with your immobiliser. Common symptoms include:

  • The alarm doesn't work
  • Central locking won't work
  • Car wont start and the immobiliser light is on or flashing
  • Car starts then stops

Immobiliser problems can occur for many reasons - key fobs that have lost their coding, key fobs with lost transducer chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty engine ECU or faulty immobiliser ECU, faulty sensors and actuators, faulty BSI Units, damaged receiver rings and more.

If you have an immobiliser problem or fault then we can help.

We can help whatever make or model your vehicle is - car, motorbike or van. Even if you have a Mercedes Sprinter van that displays a start error fault we can repair this too.

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