Commercial Vehicles

 Autotronics is your one-stop shop for commercial vehicle electronic repair that is covered by no-hassle warranties. Our up-to-date tools and diagnostic equipment allow us to handle any form of vehicle electronic repair, including ECUs and braking systems for coaches, buses, trucks, and any other vehicle on your fleet. You can also rely on us for repairs on door control, loading control, and other components, like the clutch servo, transformer, tachograph, and circuit protection unit.

 As one of the top in-circuit repair specialists in the UK, we’re committed to ensuring high-quality services for fixing and improving vehicle electronics so we can guarantee the safety of your fleet. We have the technical knowledge and years of proven experience in providing dependable solutions and professional advice. Our solutions are customised to every issue, as we understand that not customers have the same issues with their vehicles’ electronic systems. Get in touch with us to book the service that you need.