Immobiliser Remove

 Most vehicles have an immobiliser, which can help deter theft and unauthorised use of your car. It works by preventing the engine from starting or running without the appropriate transponder car key. There are instances when it’s best to remove the immobiliser—such as when you have lost the original key and your new key has been programmed incorrectly, or when the battery of your vehicle was replaced and it lost all the key information. Avoid the guesswork by bringing your car to us or a proper diagnosis.

 You may also need to have your immobiliser removed if the ECU has been damaged by an electrical surge. Autotronics can remove your existing unit and provide a free running immobiliser. That way, you can avoid starting issues. Our technicians will recode the ECU to make sure that the immobiliser has been successfully removed. Rest assured, the service comes with our hassle-free warranty.