About us

Autotronics has been leading the in-circuit repair market in the UK and overseas for many years. We know all there is to know about vehicle electronics.

With our vast experience, technical knowledge and high-end equipment we are able to provide professional advise and top-quality solutions adapted to every possible issue.

We are the best possible choice to repair any of the following components of your vehicle: remote controls and keys, EIS and ESLs, airbag ECUs, immobilizer units, engine ECUs, ABS ECUs, body control modules, instrument clusters, climate control units, throttle bodies, info displays and many more.

Our in-house R&D engineers are always working on new faults. So if you are experiencing any error in one of the electronic modules in your vehicle then you are just in the right place.

At Autotronics we care about our customers and their satisfaction with our repair service is our first and only priority. Therefore, we strive to provide them (and hopefully you too) with nothing but the very best of services, including repair updates via text messages or email, no-hassle warranties, walk-in service, credit card and PayPal payments, on-line checkout, worldwide reach, fast tracked & signed delivery, etc.

If you need a vehicle locksmith, we invite you to visit our sister’s company website at www.autolocksmith.uk.com. They will be glad to help you on the go with a professional and efficient locksmith service.