Turbo Actuator Repair

Turbo Actuator Repair

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Do you have a car, a van or a truck that has a faulty turbo actuator? Book a repair online now or give us a call on 0116 276 7054.

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Save £££s repairing not replacing

We can rebuild all turbocharger actuators to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

Our services are always covered by a no-hassle warranty, so you can be more confident in our repairs.

The turbo actuator is a valve that prevents exhaust gas from going to the turbine wheel. Also called ‘wastegate actuator,’ it serves as a pressure relief valve to control the turbo’s boost output.

It also controls the turbine’s speed so that it doesn’t run too fast, while regulating the compressor speed. It ultimately protects the turbocharger from wear and tear.

You will know that there is something wrong with it if the ‘Check Engine’ light is on or when the turbo is unable to produce boost while accelerating.

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