ABS Pump Repair

Get reliable ABS pump repair here at Autotronics.. We’re a leading service provider when it comes to in-circuit repairs in the UK. Ours is a trusted name when it comes to vehicle electronics.

When you see the ABS light on or you suspect brake failure, get in touch with us to schedule the repair. We do ABS ECU repairs for most vehicle makes and models, using only genuine OEM parts should we need to remanufacture your unit to ensure that it will fulfill the manufacturer’s specifications. We can also replace a faulty ABS unit, which may have come with your car upon purchase.

You can count on us for high-quality ABS ECU repair for a wide array of vehicles from Ferrari, Kia, Audi, Jeep, Ford, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz among many others. We do not program own-unit rebuilds or if you want to have your unit completely replaced in the case of irreparable ABS systems.