Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 “The Company” refers to KAA Enterprise Ltd., trading as Autotronics.

1.2 “The Buyer” refers to the person, partnership, Limited Company, or other legal entity, who agrees to services being provided by KAA Enterprise Ltd.

1.3 “The Conditions” refers to the terms and conditions of KAA Enterprise Ltd’s operations, set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the manager or other member of this company’s management team, acting for and on behalf of KAA Enterprise Ltd.

2. Conditions

2.1 These Conditions shall apply to all contracts for any parts or service provided by the Company to the Buyer, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, including any terms and conditions the Buyer may purport to apply under any purchase order, confirmation of order or similar document.

2.2 Agreement of any work to be carried out by the Company shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of these Conditions.

2.3 The Company may refuse to carry out all or part of any work for any reasonable reason.

3. Price and Payment

3.1 The price of the service provided shall be the price stated on the Company’s website or the price agreed between the Company and the Buyer by any means of communication, at the time the Buyer agrees to work being carried out.

3.2 The price of the repair service provided by the Company may vary, dependent upon the need of acquiring further spare parts, carrying out further works or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company; in such cases the Company will inform the Buyer, providing him/her with the new quotation for the service and seeking for his/her explicit consent to proceed.

3.3 Any estimate given by a member of the Company to the Buyer is valid for 30 days from the date given. All estimates by the Company are subject to change caused by variations to the labour, material and spare parts costs at the date of estimate.

3.4 In case the Buyer refuses to accept the quotation given for the service, a checking and administrative fee will be charged to cover the labour costs incurred in the handling, testing and dispatching of the item/s. This checking and administrative fee is, depending on the type of repair:

  • Remote key fob repairs: £8.33.
  • Any other repairs: £60.00.

For international Buyers (outside UK and EU), the delivery costs will be added to the aforementioned checking and administrative fee.

3.5 The checking and administrative fee provided in article 3.4 also applies to item/s where no fault is found by the Company’s engineers and to item/s rated as beyond repair by the Company.

3.6 The prices shown are exclusive of VAT. Where applicable, VAT shall be due at the rate ruling on the date that the VAT invoice is drawn.

3.7 Payment of the price and VAT shall be due at time of acquiring the service online or following completion of repairs when paying in cash or by telephone, unless otherwise agreed, in writing, with the Company.

4. Checking Fee

4.1 The Company will charge a checking and administrative fee in the circumstances shown below, to cover the labour costs incurred in the handling, testing and shipping of the item/s sent by the Buyer.

4.2 Quotation not accepted: When the Buyer refuses to accept a quotation given from the Company for a certain service.

4.3 No fault found: When, after checking the item/s sent by the Buyer, no fault is found on them by the Company’s engineers or any other authorised representative.

4.4 Beyond repair: When the item/s are rated as irreparable by the Company’s engineers or any other authorised representative.

4.5 Repair not possible: When the Company is, for any reason, unable to proceed with the repair service.

Circumstance / Repair

Remote key repairs

Rest of repairs


Rest of world


Rest of world

Quotation not accepted

£15 plus vat (shipping incl.)

£15 + Shipping

£60 plus vat  (shipping Ex.)

£60 + shipping

No fault found

£15 plus vat (shipping incl.)

£15 + Shipping

£70 plus vat or 50% of repair cost + shipping

£70 or 50% of repair cost + shipping

Beyond repair

Shipping £9 plus vat

Shipping cost worked out on checkout

Shipping £9 plus vat

Shipping cost worked out on checkout

Repair not possible

Shipping £9 plus vat

Shipping cost worked out on checkout

Shipping £9 plus vat

Shipping cost worked out on checkout


5. Title and Risk

5.1 Any work carried out by the Company at the request of the Buyer, will be at the Buyer’s risk from the point of completion of work, to the Buyer’s satisfaction in spite of delivery.

5.2 Title of any parts fitted shall not pass from the Company to Buyer until all relevant and outstanding invoices and VAT have been paid in full and at such a time that no other sums whatsoever are due from the Buyer to the Company.

6. Third Party Trademarks

Except where expressly stated to the contrary all persons (including their names and images), third party trademarks and images of third party products, services and/or locations featured on this Website are in no way associated, linked or affiliated with Autotronics and you should not rely on the existence of such a connection or affiliation. Any trademarks/names featured on this Website are owned by the respective trademark owners. Where a trade mark or brand name is referred to it is used solely to describe or identify the products and services and is in no way an assertion that such products or services are endorsed by or connected to Autotronics.

7. Buyer’s Warranties

The Buyer hereby warrants that he/she is not an undischarged bankrupt and has not committed any act of bankruptcy or being a company with either limited or unlimited liability knows of no circumstances which would entitle any debenture holder or secured creditor to appoint a Receiver or to petition for the winding up of the company or exercise any other rights over or against the company’s assets.

8. Disputes and Jurisdiction

8.1 Any and all contracts entered into between the Company and the Buyer shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and all disputes arising out of any contract between the Company and the Buyer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

8.2 In the event that the Buyer is dissatisfied with any repair or service carried out by the Company, the Buyer should first make contact with the Company in order to try and resolve the matter.

9. Warranty

9.1 The parts and labour itemised on the invoice are guaranteed free from defect for the following periods, depending on the repair category. These warranty periods are always counted from the date of invoice and only apply as long as the Buyer is the owner of the vehicle:

  • Remote key fob repairs: 90 days.
  • Immobiliser repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Immobiliser remove: Limited life time warranty.
  • Instrument cluster repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Climate control unit repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Airbag crash data reset: Limited life time warranty. (as long as the vehicle is not involved in another crash).
  • Diesel pump repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • ECU repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • ECU tuning: Limited life time warranty.
  • ABS pump repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Turbo actuator repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Mercedes-Benz Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) repairs: Limited life time warranty.
  • Mercedes-Benz Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) repairs: Limited life time warranty.

9.2 This warranty statement only applies to the repair works carried out by the Company and cannot be invoked in case of any other unrelated faults that could affect the item. This warranty statement also excludes any damage arising from customer/third party interference, routine wear and tear, negligence, abuse or any form of accidental damage, including water damage.

9.3 Shipping and handling costs incurred by the Buyer when sending any item to the Company are not covered by this warranty statement.

9.4 The Company will assume the shipping and handling costs of returning the item/s back to the Buyer in case any fault (attributable to the Company) is found in a previous repair carried out by the Company.

9.5 Should no fault be found in the item/s dispatched by the Buyer (for a first or subsequent repairs), the Company will charge him/her the checking and administrative fee provided in article 3.4, before sending the item/s back. This fee also applies to items rated as beyond repair by the Company (for a first or subsequent repairs).

9.6 In the event of a potential claim, the Buyer should notify the Company immediately whereupon the defect will be assessed and repaired free of charge by the Company providing the exclusions do not apply. This subsequent repair will be covered by the same warranty period as the original repair, counting from the latest invoice date.

9.7 Removal or attempts to remove, warranty stickers on repaired items, without the expressed prior written permission from Autotronics, will immediately render the warranty null and void without exception.

9.8 Any repairs by an alternative organisation will only be permitted with prior express authorisation by the Company. Your statutory rights are not affected.

9.9 The company will not be responsible for removing, refitting or cost involved for another party to remove or refit of items that are claimed under warranty.

10. Exclusions of Liability

10.1 The Company shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss of actual or anticipated profit, revenue, contracts, savings, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation, data or any other indirect or consequential loss that could occur as a result of hiring its services (including, but not limited to, any delay on the completion of the repair works).

10.2 In regards to the ECU tuning service, the Company will not accept any liability for damages caused by poor maintenance, by other faulty parts, or by any other circumstances under Buyer’s responsibility. Likewise, the Company will not be liable for any losses caused to the Buyer by failure to comply with regulatory compliances (including, but not limited to, vehicle taxing, MOT testing or insurance premium).

10.3 Access to and use of this website is at the user’s own risk and we do not warrant that the use of this website or any material downloaded from it will not cause damage to any property, or otherwise minimise or eliminate the inherent risks of the internet including but not limited to loss of data, computer virus infection, spyware, malicious software, trojans and worms. Also, we accept no liability in respect of losses or damages arising out of changes made to the content of this website by unauthorised third parties.

11. Underpaid Postage

In the event that the Buyer has not paid the full postage when sending any item to the Company, the latter will pay for the “underpaid postage” fee and will add this extra cost plus an administration fee to the Buyer’s invoice.

12. Timeframe

The Company will make every effort to have the Buyer’s item/s repaired in the advertised timeframe. This advertised timeframe represents an estimate time scale and should not be in any way taken as a fixed turnaround time. Larger timescales may be feasible depending on the job specifications, the current work backlog, the need of ordering spare parts or any other plausible circumstances.

13. Cancellations

The Buyer can cancel his/her purchase, by writing or email, within 14 days from the date of placing the order (‘cooling-off period’) or until the date of completion of the repair service, whichever is earlier.

14. Returns and Refunds

14.1 Returns are not accepted, other than those covered by warranty.

14.2 Refunds are given at the Company’s management discretion. The Company may demand the Buyer to send the repaired item back for examination and testing purposes.

15. Storage

The Company may invoice VAT per week for the storage of any item not collected within 30 days of being advised of completion of work. Customer items may be disposed or used at the Company’s discretion in case they have not been reclaimed after 45 days since the date on which the Buyer was advised of the work completion.

16. Delivery

16.1 We advise that any item sent to the Company for repair should be delivered via tracked, special or similar delivery to ensure its reception. The Company will not take any responsibility for items that are lost in the post when sent to it.

16.2 Once repaired the Company will send the item/s back to the Buyer using the delivery method selected by him/her during the checkout process. The Company’s liability will be limited by the compensation cover offered by the courier company or postal service company.

16.3 The Buyer will be responsible for any custom fees, taxes and duties due when delivering items to the Company. Likewise, any custom fee, tax or duty payable by the Company to the Customs Authorities because of Buyer’s negligence will be passed on to the Buyer.

16.4 The Company reserves the right to refuse any parcel arriving at its premises which does not comply with all the custom requirements (including due fees, taxes and duties).

17. Online Information Accuracy

17.1 Although the Company will make every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided on its website (repair descriptions, instructions, prices, etc.), it cannot accept responsibility if this is not the case.

17.2 The online order is considered accepted by the Company when it receives the item/s to repaired. Hence, if the Company discovers any error in the price of the repair service or in any other aspect of the Buyer’s order it reserves the right to offer the Buyer the service at the correct price (or with the mistaken aspect corrected) or otherwise to cancel the order with no further liability. The Buyer will receive a full refund in case the Company decides to cancel the order in such cases.

17.3 The Company reserves the right to change the information contained on its website, as well as these Terms and Conditions, at any time.

18. Buyer’s Data Accuracy

By contracting the Company’s services, by means of the present website or by any other means, the Buyer acknowledges that all the information provided to the Company is true, complete and accurate as of the date of the contract. Non-compliance to this requirement may lead to unilateral contract termination by the Company, with no further contractual liabilities.

19. Privacy Policy

We ask that you read this privacy notice carefully as it contains important information on who we are, how and why we collect, store, use and share personal information, your rights in relation to your personal information and on how to contact us and supervisory authorities in the event you have a complaint.

KAA Enterprise Ltd trading as Autotronics Vehicle Solutions Provider collects, uses and is responsible for certain personal information about you. When we do so we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and we are responsible as ‘controller’ of that personal information for the purposes of those laws.

19.1 What personal data do we collect
When ordering a repair service from us we will ask you to provide you name, address, telephone number, email address and your car registration number.

19.2 When and how do we collect personal data
You will be asked to provide your personal data as outlined above when you are purchasing or requesting a repair service on our website, subscribing to our newsletter or placing an order with us via eBay or Amazon.

19.3 How we use the data we collect
We will use the data you have provided to:
• Process payment transactions.
• Contact you with updates, and fact-finding missions to facilitate the repair and return of your item.
• Send you periodic electronic newsletters (if you have subscribed).
• Contact you with special promotions.

19.4 Cookies
A cookie (sometimes also referred to as a browser cookie, HTTP cookie, Internet cookie or Web cookie) is a small file sent from a Web server to your computer whenever you visit a website.) If you return to the website later, your Web browser sends the small file to the server to notify the website of any previous activity you engaged in on the site. Once you return to a website, the server can retrieve the cookie file from local computer to assist in expediting certain functions such as logging in and retrieving account or user data. We use cookies to help us process your order on our website, understand your previous site activity and preferences, and to improve site experience for our customers in the future. You can choose to disable cookies or clear cookies on your web browser, if you wish.

19.5 Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us to analyse how users use the site.
The information generated by the cookie about your use of our website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of our website, compiling reports on website activity and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Google undertakes not to associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.

19.6 Third party disclosures
We will never share your personal data with any other company or legal entity without your explicit consent to do so, except for the purpose of the effective fulfilment of the contract; this includes, although is not limited, to sharing information with the selected courier company. We do not allow third parties to advertise on our sales website.

19.7 How long we keep data
We will retain your data until you expressly contact us to say that you would prefer your data to be removed. This is in order to keep accurate records to provide our customers with adequate after sales care, and warranty services.

19.8 Contact us

We aim to collect, store and use your data in a responsible way, always ensuring that is kept safe and confidential. However, if you wish your data to be removed from our database please submit your request in writing by ether emailing us on [email protected] or writing to us at 223 Belgrave Gate, Leicester, LE1 3HT (UK).

KAA Enterprise Ltd. t/a Autotronics