Repair Services

Repair Services

We can take care of all your auto electronics problems, thanks to our advanced repairing equipment and our fully skilled engineering team. Some of our vehicle electronics repairs include:

  • Remote key fob repair.
  • Immobiliser repair and removal.
  • Instrument cluster repair.
  • Airbag crash data removal.
  • ECU repair.
  • ABS pump repair.
  • Diesel pump repair.
  • ECM Repair
  • PCM Repair

So, if you are experiencing problems with any the aforementioned parts, we will happily help you. With more than 20 years of experience in the auto electronics repair business, our experience and knowledge are perfectly tested. We only use the most advanced repairing and testing equipment and our R&D staff is always looking for new ways of helping our customers save a great deal of money, thanks to our innovative repairing solutions.

Whether it is a remote key, an instrument cluster, an immobiliser or you require PCM repair or ECM repair, we can fix them at a much more affordable price than dealership’s solution. As you would have already checked, main dealership’s alternative is, 99% of the times, to replace any broken part for a brand new unit, at astronomical prices.

We, on the contrary, repair your existing unit; by doing that we are not only helping you save a great deal of time and money but also provide an eco-friendly solution. By following the 3 Rs of environmental conservation (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) we make our contribution for a more sustainable planet, where industry’s materials can have a second life.

Along with our repairing services, we also provide an exclusive ECU tuning service by which we can improve your vehicle’s performance in terms of power, torque, fuel consumption, acceleration, efficiency and general drivability. All our chip tuning files are customised to meet our customer’s demands and are tested using a MAHA dynamometer.

If you are interested in any of our services, or if you need any technical assistance, you can contact us via online form, email or telephone. Our engineers will be glad to give you the best possible technical advise.