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Water Damaged Remote Key Fob

Water Damaged Remote Keys And Fobs: Scrap Or Revive?

The labour-saving gadgets that we love are increasingly electronic in nature, but with us, the user, in the driving seat, there’s always a fair chance for catastrophe. Who amongst us has not dropped a mobile phone in the toilet, or spilt a glass of wine over the TV remote? As technology continues to advance, things […]

Kia Proceed

Hella turbo actuators: loss of pressure, limp mode and other issues

We’ve all felt the frustration of a turbo that doesn’t pack a punch any more. Whether it’s a loss of acceleration, those concerning engine sounds that indicate that the pressure could actually be building up to dangerous levels, or the possible electronic faults associated with turbos. Here we take a look at Hella turbo actuators and how […]