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How airbags work safely blog

How Do Airbags Work Safely?

Explosions are never a good thing—except for when it’s from a deploying airbag. Every day, airbag explosions help save people’s lives. These carefully controlled blasts fire an air-filled bag from out the dashboard, effectively cushioning impact from an accident and reducing potential damage to the body. Airbags are incredibly simple and amazingly clever pieces of […]

What Causes Instrument Cluster Failure?

Your vehicle’s instrument cluster refers to the collection of dials, gauges, and indicator lights located on your dashboard or right above your steering wheel. Its primary purpose is to tell the driver what’s going on in the vehicle. While these panels are built to last the lifetime of a car, they are not immune to […]

3 Top Signs You Need Key Fob Battery Replacement

Key fobs are incredible pieces of technology that increase the convenience of a modern car. Over the years, key fobs have become such a common piece of convenience that people typically find them so easy to take for granted. As simple as their mechanism may seem on the outside, key fobs also require maintenance—and this […]

5 Signs of a Failing Engine Control Unit

When your vehicle isn’t in optimal shape, you need to rely on others to move around. This is why regular maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your main means of transport in good working condition. Don’t wait until you require major ECU repair before getting your unit checked for potential problems. Your vehicle’s […]

ECU testing

What Is ECU Testing? ECU Repair and Replacement by Autotronics

ECU stands for the ‘electronic control unit,’ and it is embedded in automotive electronics, responsible for controlling one or multiple electrical systems and subsystems in your vehicle. The ECU comes in different types, including the engine control module (ECM), powertrain control module (PCM), central control module (CCM), brake control module, and the transmission control module. […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Autotronics team

Christmas time. What a beautiful time of the year! As every 12 months, we gather around the same table, sharing memories and enjoying the company of our loved ones. Remembering the ones that, sadly, are not with us anymore and cheerfully marvelling at the smaller ones faces. The tree, the reindeers, the gifts, the banquets, […]


How to Test and Replace A Turbo Actuator

It is essential for the turbocharger of the engine to always be working properly. One of the things you should monitor the condition of the turbo actuator, the valve responsible for diverting exhaust gases from the turbine wheel to control the turbine’s speed and prevent over-speeding. It also ensures that the compressor’s speed is regulated. […]

ABS Control Module

5 Signs of A Failing ABS Control Module

The ABS or anti-lock braking system is one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle, as it prevents the wheels from locking while the car is in motion. It plays a critical role in preventing accidents when you suddenly hit the brakes in an emergency situation. It works by sustaining the traction in […]

How to switch off the airbag light on the dashboard after a crash

Many of us have been there: a moment of misjudgement, following by the slamming on of brakes and the terrifying crunch when you rear-end the car in front of you. In a minor collision, one of the worst parts is the inevitable, unnecessary deployment of the airbag. It usually has little effect, but does create […]

Car Key Fob Replacement

Car Remote Not Working? 5 Ways to Accurately Diagnose Your Vehicle

Car key fobs or remotes have come to be essential accessories that make the lives of car owners and drivers a lot more convenient. Apart from allowing keyless entrance to vehicles, they also offer the added benefit of enhanced automotive security, providing controls for a car’s alarm system and other car mechanisms. As much convenience […]