Instrument cluster odometer Unreadable

Failed MOT because of a faulty instrument cluster? We have it sorted!

When passing the MOT there is a part on the vehicle that we drivers don’t usually take much attention to but that can make our vehicle to fail the test. That is the instrument cluster or, as the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency refers it to on its MOT inspection manual, the speedometer.

There are three reasons, related to the speedometer, that can cause a vehicle to fail its MOT exam:

  1. If the speedometer is not fitted into the car or van.
  2. If the speedometer is incomplete, clearly inoperative or if the glass is completely broken or missing.
  3. If the speedometer cannot be illuminated.

Any of these three reasons will prevent your vehicle to pass the MOT and thus, you will have repeat the test. You will only have to pay for a partial retest fee if you have this issue fixed by the test centre or by an external repair centre in a maximum of 10 days; otherwise, you will have to get a full retest on your vehicle.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues on your dashboard, our advice is that you send it to us before passing the MOT, so that we can fix it promptly, before the first attempt. Alternatively, if your car has already failed its MOT due to one of these reasons, you can still send it to us so that we can try to repair it in the 10 days time limit; we will try our best, although the turnaround time could be conditioned by the need to order any parts for the repair.

In any case, if your instrument cluster is very dimmed or does not have any backlight at all, or if its glass is completely broken, or if the LCD display is very pixelated or has dead pixels, or if the mileage, speed, temperature or any other relevant information cannot be read, please contact us so that we can give you the best possible technical advise in order to have your cluster repaired as soon as possible.