Turbo Actuator Repair

Turbo actuator, also called wastegate actuator, is in charge of regulating the boost output from the turbocharger. Electronic turbo actuators are used nowadays to increase the power provided by turbos, while also keeping the boost levels under control.

The way the electronic turbo actuator works is by sending signals to a motor which, in turn, moves the actuator arm. This actuator arm is linked to the variable blades. The start and stop positions in the actuator differ depending on the particular turbo model; hence, the electronic actuator is specific for each model. Some of the most popular turbo actuator manufacturers are Hella (Garrett), Mitsubishi and Borg Warner (KKK).

One thing to take into account is that the electronic turbo actuator is controlled by the engine ECU; thus, a fine-tuned turbo actuator will not only provide more power to your vehicle but will also help you improve the fuel economy and reduce the emissions. Being this such a crucial part, it is of vital importance to keep an eye on any issue it might have at the earliest signs.

If you feel a sudden loss of pressure (permanent or intermittent) or if your vehicle goes into limp mode or if you see unusual smoke while accelerating, those symptoms could point to a turbo actuator failure. You should contact your local garage or mechanic, so that they can diagnose the fault. Should the problem lie in the electronic turbo actuator, call Autotronics to get it fixed in no time. You won't regret your decision.